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An Art Critique By Albert Boime, professor of Art History, UCLA
February 2005

Exalted by the love poems of the thirteenth-century Persian poet, Jalaluddin Rumi, Kamran Khavarani seeks to translate his ecstatic feelings into visual harmonies that celebrate the idea of Presence, the loving, creative side of existence potentially in everything and everyone.

With broad sweeping gestures rippling horizontally across the surface in brilliant and unconventional hues of blue-greens, purples, yellow-greens and oranges, Khavarani visually expresses his inner response to Rumi, evoking the oceanic and cosmic metaphors of the Persian mystic. Assigning to each of the four elements, earth, air, fire and water, its own unique color register, he gives his primordial visions - most evident in his glowing 'Creation' (2003) - a riveting presence.

We may define his unusual approach as Abstract Romanticism, bringing emotion and beauty into the here and now with an intense energy and spontaneity that manifests fulfillment of joy in the eternal present. This is perhaps the most apt term to designate his layered, billowing striations of dazzling color that often evoke shimmering fields of sunset and sunrise effects, the blending of heaven and earth, the living sea washing over us, rejuvenating and elevating the mind to that state of creative union in which the ego ceases to dictate and consciousness merges with the universe of the Beloved. In this way, Khavarani resurrects the romantic idea of the possibility of an art that can change the world by reaching out unstintingly to the heart and imagination of the individual spectator.

An Art Critique By Roshan Hubbard, Art and Film Historian and Lecturer
BFA - Painting and Art History CAGS - Visual Communication

November, 2004

The Romantic principles of spontaneous expression, intuition, mystery and inner truth guided William Blake (1757-1827) (also an important poet), whose paintings illustrated his complex prophetic vision, and William Turner (1775-1851), who painted intense, dramatic landscapes which became his path to create pure forms of oceanic scenes making him the father of Abstract Figurative art in the first half of the 19th century.

Kamran Khavarani is the heir to Blake and Turner as a painter of a new artistic outlook that should be known as Abstract Romanticism. This resembles the declarations of art critics in the mid 20th century that described the art of the New York School Artists Mark Rothko (1903-1970) and Jackson Pollock (1912-1956) as Abstract Expressionism. They shared an emphasis on the non-representational physicality of the painting and emotional engagement with the viewers.

Khavarani's massive array of light and colors mixed with myth and poetic current bears the trace of motion and emotions. He often prefers bare hands to traditional instruments (brush, sticks or palette knife) to incorporate the art of painting into the work itself. He forms highly expressive movements and dimensional values to communicate inner impulses and the obscurity of mythology and poetry to the viewers of his art.

A review by Rabbi Dr. Abner Weiss
October 2003

Kamran Khavarani is an artist of unusual sensibility. His paintings represent a rare fusion of the philosophical and metaphysical with the aesthetic. Beyond their obvious beauty, they draw the viewer into the inner world and dialectic tension of the artist. They provide a rich canvas for the profound dialectic poetry of the Persian master Rumi. I was privileged to have been introduced both to Kamran’s exquisite paintings and his own complex inner life

On viewing Kamran Khavarani's paintings Gallery on Lindbrook, Los Angeles
Sept. 2003

WOW! You are in the realm of the great artists with a wonderful start!

Larry Stevenson
Carol Lawrence Galleries

Two words, MY GOD! You did it again, May you always be healthy so the world can benefit from the height of your soul.

Mojgan Hakimi

Rumi must be delighted and joyous for having a friend like you! May the colors of your life be always joyous and beautiful!

Gila Jalali

If one were to show me a sign of paradise, it would be through your paintings.


I feel a powerful Energy in your paintings which I hope you would always share with others.

Amir Ali Angha

You have captured the rainbow and flung it onto canvas for us to behold! Magnificient!


I felt Life, Beauty, Flower and the Soul by looking at your paintings. I had never felt these feelings to this extent before.

Javad Kheradmandan

The joy of life, passion and yearning has flown from the fountain of your "presence" into your creations.

Parviz Shahbazi

From your soul to the soul of thousands, your art speaks a language of LOVE,


Your paintings are like a volcano of colors…

Maryam Seyhoun

What beautiful, artistic expression of mystical, metaphysical and spiritual Realities- or rather Un-realities; Rumi would love you and your creations of wonder and awe!


Very passionate work! The colors are mesmerizing!

Universe is so present within your soul and therefore in your art.

Your passion for art is clearly shown. Your artistic ability is quite moving and very enjoyable

Nina Bolour

You have brought into the world art that inspires us to step back and go back- return to what is within all of us.


On viewing Kamran Khavarani's paintings At the New York Art Expo
March 2005

Your most beautiful blending of color draws me in to a deep, pure, mysterious world. Bless you, your work and thank you for such serene & joyous delight.

Catherine Alijak

I am honored to witness the introduction of Abstract Romanticism to the world.


Your strokes are light, airy, powerful, full of life, crystal clear colors. I see your paintings on a different level of life. Your hands are like feathers.

Christina Sobol, artist

How glorious to see, sense and feel such extraordinary colors, dancing in the spirit of Rumi, and the eloquence of the language of Beauty itself.

Amber Phoenix

Rumi now has a new meaning of reality for me.

A lover of Rumi

I was captured immediately by your piece 'Creation'. I love the effect your paintings have on me. I just want to sit back and escape into your world.

Emily sharbani

MARCH 21-24 2003

So creative, so different, so unusual, in art and person.

Donna M. Matson, president
Western Instructional Television
Producer of the ‘the Art Master’ on PBS

Love your work.

Dan Wihuta
The artist on ‘The Art master’ on PBS

Your warm, delightful and cheerful disposition comes out in your wonderful work! You truly have the talent that melts people’s hearts Your work is awesome!

Mark Brady
Director, Victoria Boyce Galleries, Tucson, AZ

Your work is magic, filled with love and passion.

John Chan, Randall Chan gallery,
Palm Desert

“Very powerful”

Dennis A. Elliott
VP International marketing
Vignettes Art, Las Vegas

Kamran’s expression reveals in me:
- Feeling of joy
- Sense of depth
- Vibrance of life through color
- Energy in motion
- Creation

Lovingly, Robin

Amazing illusion and intriguing technique.

Sandy Clark Beek

The spirit of the hand transfer over the paper and show the spirit and joy of the human experience.

Delos Van Earl

Great work
Great Movement
A style in a class of it’s own.

Colin L. Thompson
Zimbabwe Gallery

I love your work.

Adrian Prisecaru

Your paintings have so many feelings and are very strong. They are very soothing and very serene. When people say art heals, your art truly falls into that category.

Diane Baldonado

Your paintings take my breath away.

June G. Mininni

All the paintings are so overwhelming. Great colors. Most beautiful work.

Kam Larsen

They are more, beyond paintings. They are life forces.

B. Serrano

Very beautiful, soothing, almost melodic. Your colors are beautiful.

Gloria Hayes

Your paintings have an energy- a sincere energy- from deep inside your soul. You have presented it visually- unspoiled.


Very calming. Sways with celestial music. Extremely enjoyable.

M. Miller

The movement and passion in your flowers; a sky send a message of both peace and beauty. They have the air of expectancy. How wonderful.


I can’t think of a better use for one’s hands and finger than to create such beautiful work of art. I feel like I could crawl into one and rest in the most peaceful way. Thank you for sharing your talent!


Your paintings create a sense of peace, life and nature.


A sense of Joy, A feeling of Peace, A spark of Life, A knowing of Being.

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