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"The Collection" 3

'The Collection' consists of a group of art pieces in different media created by Kamran Khavarani, in addition to a book written by professor Albert Boime, on the birth of Abstract Romanticism

The Collection Contents

"The Birth of Abstract Romanticism
Art for a New Humanity
Rumi and the Paintings of Kamran Khavarani"

A book by
A l b e r t   B o i m e

An original painting from the series: Images from a Mystical world
A travel through spontaneous creations of Khavarani's inner world
Oil on paper 3 3/4" square

'The Bird of Freedom'
A cast gold bas-relief, 2" square, applied on the cover of The Collection box.
Master Samuel Lachikian, making the mold for the bas-relief.

'The Bird of Freedom'
Kamran Khavarani's drawing for the above bas-relief

The egg sculpture, made of genuine turquoise pieces, 2 1/3" x 1 3/4",
symbolizing birth and creation.

'The Divine Proportion of Creation'
An embossed graphic image on the leather cover of The Collection.

A woven tapestry, 4"x 6"
The image of this tapestry has been selected from one of Khavarani's paintings.

A suite of nine prints from the series: Images from a Mystical world
A travel through spontaneous creations of Kamran Khavarani’s inner world
Printed on archival paper, each 11” x 11"

DVD containing a slide show of the 300 original images
from each year's collection

DVD- 'The Story of Two Little Orange Trees--
Finding One's Purpose in Life'

Story by Kamran Khavarani.

A Documentary DVD about
professor Albert Boime's life and passion

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