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The Birth of Abstract Romanticism
Art for a New Humanity
Rumi and the Paintings of Kamran Khavarani

Sybil City Book Company, San Francisco, 2008


Smithsonian American Art Museum

9/12/2008 - In a letter to Professor Albert Boime:

I have been looking through your book, "the Birth of Abstract romanticism," and before I finish reading the text, I want to thank you for having the book sent to me. Mr. Khavarani's paintings are truly beautiful. I especially enjoy the Genesis creation series, where there is a sense of beginnings, of movement and incompleteness that is yet to be more fully defined. I would expect that his paintings would be very difficult to write about because they are so fully visual, but your interpretations closely convey the feelings they excite. I shall be pleased to share my book and my responses with others. It is heartening to see contemporary art that has qualities of beauty and meaning and even joy. I am repelled by much of the current art scene. The inanity of many of those productions is exceeded only by their convoluted analyses by art historians and critics.

Lois M. Fink
Research Curator Emerita
Smithsonian American Art Museum

9/12/2008 - In a letter to the publisher:

[The book] is a truly beautiful production in every way, the reproductions of the paintings, the inspirational poetry, Professor Boime's text, and the design of the book. I look forward to sharing with others the book and my own enthusiasm for it.

Albert Boime's publications have always opened an absolutely new perspective to whatever subject he takes up. This particular book offers an entirely new experience for the viewer in the beautiful paintings of Kamran Khavarani and Professor Boime' interpretation.

Lois M. Fink
Research Curator Emerita
Smithsonian American Art Museum


The colors in your paintings act as characters in a story, which we can read, enjoy, and learn from. Congratulations.

Parivash Simzar

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